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The Kylie Edit!

Ellie Vail

Posted on January 19 2021

The Kylie Edit!

If you thought we left waist chains in the early 2000’s, we’re here to break the news! They’re back like they never left!

The answer is YES! And FYI - we’re bringing them to the future and Kylie Jenner approves, who, by-the-way, was spotted in our “Domenica” waist chain MULTIPLE times this year. Oh yeah, we’re swooning HARD!

Kylie was spotted wearing our “Domenica” waist chain in several IG posts, worn with a variety of looks and killed it each and every time. Whether in a hot bikini set, jeans and crop top, or even a cute & cozy lounge set, Kylie found a perfect way to accessorize the “Domenica”, creating subtle sexiness and the perfect golden touch to her outfits.



There are endless ways you can wear waist chains and it is an absolute myth that you can only wear with beach attire. We really hate to be the bearers of fake news, so here’s some truth - you TOO can look this chic and it’ll cost you under $100! We offer our belly chains in different styles for all those who fancy different options. Trust us, you wanna get in on this!

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EVJ Team

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