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Ellie Vail Jewelry (“we”, “us”, or “our”) wants everyone who visits to feel welcome and find the experience rewarding. In order to make our website accessible to individuals who rely on assistive technologies or alternative input devices, we have taken steps to implement the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 A &AA conformance (“Guidelines”) on our website. We are committed to identifying and meeting the accessibility needs of persons with disabilities in an effective and appropriate manner through compliance with the Guidelines.

 We recognize that our website and its content changes often, including new products and specials, and as such, we are periodically reviewing our website to ensure it is accessible for all.  These reviews include (1) performing tests to identify areas that need improvement, (2) ensuring the digital content is fully accessible through alternative text, captions, and transcripts, and (3) allowing for full keyboard access.

 Along with, we link to third party sites (such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) and may also include or embed third party content to share information and promotional content. We cannot control or correct problems with these third party sites, but please let us know if you encounter difficulty with the sites we link to so we can pass the information along to the owners of those websites. You may also want to address your concerns directly to these third parties.