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Black Owned Beauty Brands we love!

Ellie Vail

Posted on February 10 2021

Black Owned Beauty Brands we love!

For the month of February, we really wanted to figure out ways in which we can support black owned businesses in celebration of Black History Month. Ellie Vail strongly believes in supporting boss babes of all shapes and colors - and although we are choosing to highlight Black owned businesses in February, it certainly does not cease nor limit our future support or efforts in the coming months.

Here are some of our Black Owned Beauty brands we've come across that we are loving and we think you should too! Click on the image and check out their amazing product site - or click the Brand name to view their IG!


1. Golde

2. People of Color

3. Rosen Skincare 

4. Black Girl Sunscreen

5. Pear Nova

6. Lauren Napier Beauty

7. Flesh Beauty

8. Luv Scrub

9. Pat McGrath Beauty

10. Bekura Beauty

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